Experience success that extends Beyond Boardrooms

Beyond Boardrooms provides employers throughout Canada with an engaging, interactive, points based recognition and rewards program designed to enhance employee engagement by providing them with the incentive to reach their potential.

Look, by now you have probably looked at a dozen websites that want to tell you the benefits of employee recognition and rewards. We think you get it:

  • Engage your people
  • Drive performance
  • Increase productivity and loyalty
  • etc.

We think you know why you need a program; otherwise you wouldn't be spending time surfing the web and researching options trying to find the right service provider. Simply put, you know why you need it; now let us show you why you should choose us.

Oh, and by the way (because we know you will ask) here are a couple of highlights.

Our programs:

  • Are cost effective
  • Require minimal administration
  • Include customization
  • Have no hidden costs or fees
  • Require no contracts
  • Let your employees choose their rewards
  • Are suitable for businesses of all sizes
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If you do want more details about rewards and recognition programs, go to the Resources page to learn more.

Looking for Employee Rewards?

We have partnered with Amazon to provide some outstanding reward options.