Program Highlights Beyond Boardrooms Inc.

A few things to consider

  • No contracts.
  • Minimal to no administration required.
  • No minimum purchase requirements.
  • No set up fees - no monthly fees.
  • Full program support.
  • No costly software purchases.
  • Works completely within preset budget. No budget is too small.
  • Designed to fit business of any size, budget or structure.
  • Point system allows you to recognize day to day performance and contribution as well as milestone accomplishments.
  • No inventory to track.
  • Ability to track performance of employees.
  • Can be custom-tailored to match corporate layouts and designs of pre-existing websites.

The benefits to the My Rewards Unlimited program are many, and include:

  • A platform to enhance corporate culture of recognition
  • A method to improve employee incentive, engagement, and productivity
  • A customized program designed to improve employee morale
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Looking for Employee Rewards?

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