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What is My Rewards Unlimited?

Beyond Boardrooms provides employers throughout Canada with an engaging and interactive points-based employee recognition and rewards program called My Rewards Unlimited. Beyond Boardrooms is a sister company to PerformaLogics Inc., a market research and performance measurement company that works Nationally and Internationally with some of North America's most respected companies and organizations.

My Rewards Unlimited is designed to provide your organization with unique hiring advantages, reduce staff turnover and improve employee engagement, performance and loyalty through recognition and reward. Our focus is on recognition, appreciation, choice and value delivered through customized programs. There are no contracts, no monthly fees or minimum purchases, and the program can be managed administration-free from the clients end to businesses of all sizes.

The flexibility of our program allows our clients to use it as their sole source of performance measurement and reward or to integrate it into existing programs, either way providing a cost-effective means of driving employee loyalty and performance. Recognition points are given at your discretion and can be awarded for a variety of reasons such as peer to peer recognition, tenure, sales incentives, internal competitions, training achievements or recognition of exemplary behaviour to name a few.

Can I customize my program?

Absolutely. You may use the site as you see it as My Rewards Unlimited or, as many of our clients prefer, you can have your site customized. This allows you to name your program and give it a theme and a look that suits your individual company culture. There are no fees charged for this customization.

What do you mean when you say I have complete control over my budget?

Since the only thing you ever pay for are the points you purchase, your organization has complete control over the costs of the program. Since there are no monthly minimums or administration fees, you can control your entire spend. Whether your monthly budget is $100.00 or $10,000.00 our web-based system allows for accurate tracking of points and costs and can further segment any points awarded to specific departments for ease of accounting.

How am I billed?

You have the option of purchasing points and having them deposited into a corporate account until such time as they are assigned to employees for identified behaviours or exemplary performance (minimal administration required) or purchasing pre-printed rewards certificate where certificates with pre-printed denominations are handed directly to an employee for them to deposit into their accounts at a later time (no administration required). There is a small printing cost applied to pre-printed certificates. Points are deposited into your account and an invoice is sent electronically for payment by cheque.

Our company has multiple locations and numerous employees. How do I manage the program and maintain control?

Our rewards program is user friendly and designed to support all business from small independent retailers to large multi-facet organizations. Should control be a concern, there are two options for issuing points. Department managers or other designates can be authorized to award points by utilizing a controlled spend feature built into the program, or the authorized company designate can issue points to employees directly from an administration page. You can track all points that are issued and even cancel transactions should the need arise. All point transactions can be reviewed and scrutinized. You can also use the system to individually track divisions within a company or stores within a franchise operation for spend and budgeting purposes.

How much time will I have to commit to administration?

You can have a professionally managed program with minimal to virtually no administration from your end. We recommend a person be designated as an administrator for communication purposes but our employee self-registration and other included features eliminate the need to dedicate valuable resources to manage the program. These tools promote interaction and further engage your employees and essentially all you need to do is issue points. This is a simple and quick task and requires very little time. We have made every effort to eliminate or limit the administrative requirements allowing you to focus on building your business while we take care of the rest.

Once points have been issued to an employee there is nothing else required from your end. We manage the accounts and fulfillment of product requests, delivering them right to your employee's door.

Do I have to sign a service contract?

There are no contracts - you can cancel at any time without penalty and there are no minimum purchases required. Our customer satisfaction is what builds long term relationships.

How do my employees access their points and redeem for rewards?

Employees create their own user accounts by self registering online. They simply access the rewards website and complete a form to create their own personal account. From there they can log into our site at any time and do the following:

   View their points balance
   Find rewards
   Manage their account
   Redeem rewards

Not all my employees have access to the Internet. What do I do?

Employees without Internet access can redeem rewards via fax or phone. A printable rewards catalogue is available online and can be printed as required by the administrator for employees to view reward options. Fax redemption request forms are also provided for point redemption via fax.

If I were to launch this program for our company how do I start?

Simply give us a call or click on the Contact Us button. We can get you started very quickly. We have all the materials ready for you.

I would like to know more. What do I do?

Click here to access our contact us page. We will respond within 24 hours

Want to know more? Contact us now.

If you do want more details about rewards and recognition programs, go to the Resources page to learn more.

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