How It Works Beyond Boardrooms Inc.

Step 1:

Points are awarded to the employee who is displaying exemplary behaviour or producing desired results.

Step 2:

Points are collected by the employee in a private password protected on-line account.

Step 4:

Rewards are delivered directly to the employee's home.

Step 3:

Provisions are provided for employees with limited or no access to the web. Points are redeemed by the employee for a multitude of valued reward options, promoting continuous incentive.

Rewards options give your employees the ability to choose their own rewards, appealing to all ages, income, gender and life interests. They range from:

  • Local attraction passes
  • Electronics
  • House wares
  • Sporting goods
  • Gift certificates for numerous retailers and restaurants
  • Jewellery
  • Executive gifts
  • Travel
  • Adventure packages
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Looking for Employee Rewards?

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